Effective Leadership Series Part 2: Are you an Aware leader?

What does it take to be aware in your leadership behaviours?

The IMLD leadership model looks at 5 distinct leadership capabilities – Alignment, Awareness, Achievement, Altitude and Adaptability. Within each of these, there are 5 behavioural leadership traits,

To be an Aware leader, you:

? Have Clarity – you factor in other perspectives and are not biased in your viewpoint,

? Are Self Aware – you have a conscious knowledge of your character, feelings and reactions,

? Have Confidence – you display self-assurance and understand your strengths and weaknesses,

? Are Assertive – you can stand up for your own and other’s rights in a calm and positive way,

? Are Personally Fulfilled – you are doing what fully develops your potential .

Aware leaders are conscious of their own feelings, behaviours and actions and the impact that it has upon others. They are quick to learn, focus more on lessons learnt than mistakes and have conviction in what they are doing.

Are you an Aware leader? Does your Awareness assist in the development of your team? Want to find out? 

IMLD’s Velocity Leadership CheckPoint (VLC) provides you with clear scores against the 5 Alignment behaviours, as well as the behaviours of the other 4 leadership capabilities.

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